September 5th 2013

25 High Sleeper Beds and Lockers for New Hall School

Strata Panels UK have just completed the manufacture and install of 25 custom high sleeper beds for the boarding school at New Hall.
These beds have a nautical theme to them and have a wardrobe, desk and lighting all encorporated into the design.
Manufactured from an Oak Melamine MDF with long lasting and durable edging these were installed into rooms across 3 floors during the school summer holidays.

We also manufactured adjustable lockers with removable doors. These can be customised to enable differing size pigeon holes each with their own locks.

June 4th 2013

Dual Purpose Lockable ICT Desk for under £500

Strata Panels UK announce a dual purpose, fully lockable ICT desk that is being marketed at under £500.
The bespoke design allows schools and colleges to utilise ICT classrooms for normal lessons. Monitors, keyboards and pc base units are fully locked away yet are quickly accessible when required. The monitor moves down within the unit to become completely hidden.
The multi-purpose desk unit has built in cable management holes and is 1100mm wide as standard. Strata’s CD5 desk is available in a variety of colour finishes and is delivered fully assembled complete with quality locks and keys.

Take a look at the demonstration video and detailed decription HERE


July 17th 2012

Boardcraft on Fire - Strata Panels UK offer services to customers

Due to the unfortunate fire on Monday morning of 16th July 2012 at local firm Boardcraft, Strata Panels UK are happy to take any enquiries from customers who are unable to deal with them at this moment in time.

At Strata Panels UK we offer a full cut and edging service, assembly, supply and delivery.

We wish Boardcraft all the best at this difficult time for them.

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August 1st 2011

Strata Panels UK secure a second order with Tigi Hair Care

Strata Panels UK, recently secured a second order with the cosmetics firm Tigi Hair Care.
Tigi Hair Care has now ordered over 2000 display stands from Strata Panels UK.

The display units were originally manufactured in the US and were ‘value engineered’ by Strata Panels to reduce overall weight. Display shelves were changed from acrylic to metal making the units easier to handle by salon staff.